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Portable Pool Lift Info

Portable Pool Lift Information

This information is in regards to the ADA’s rules regarding portable pool lifts. The ADA did clarify on March 15, 2012 that you cannot share a lift between two bodies of water. Your lifts must be “Fixed” and Electrically Bonded. Also, your lifts must be independently operable by disabled persons. A portable pool lift may not meet the requirements. Read further for more information.

Electrical Bonding Information

We have some of the only installers in the country that are certified to do the Electrical Bonding. This is what differentiates us from other installers and its what makes us the Preferred Vendor for many large hotels.

The Electrical Bonding is the most complex and most important part of the Department of Justice’s installation guidelines. Other installation crews will do the Standard installation, without the bonding, and then require you to have a Certified Electrician come in to do the Bonding- this gets very expensive.

We are the industry’s one stop shop and we are the professionals – installing over 4,000 lifts nation wide. Our installers provide you with a Certification on Compliance upon completion of the Install & Electrical Bonding.

Here is a link that can clear up any questions on the Electrical Bonding:

Information can be found at :http://www.ada.gov/qa_existingpools_titleIII.htm about using portable lifts.

Did you also know that you need a pool lift for each pool and each spa. Even though a portable pool lift seems like the best option to save money, it typically is not. A portable pool lift requires availability of a trained staff member to move from location to location, this is not ADA compliant. A pool lift must be able to be self operated by the visitor that needs the lift. An anchored pool lift at each pool or spa is the best way to make sure you are ADA compliant. Please consider all your options when making sure your facility is ADA compliant.

Staff need to operate this portable pool lift

Portable Pool Lift