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Leisure Aquatic Lifts wants to make your aquatic access to pools and spas easy and affordable. Our ADA compliant pool lifts work great in both commercial and residential pools. We also offer professional installation across the United States. Check out our great high quality pool and spa lifts. Please contact us at 507-288-6289 with any questions regarding pool lifts and ADA rules. We have home and commercial pool lifts and both ADA compliant and non compliant (standard) lifts.

Leisure Aquatic Lifts has a well trained staff that can help you get the right ADA compliant pool lift for your style of pool deck or spa. Call us today at 507-288-6289 with any ADA questions

Pinney Pool Closure - A Story about ADA Pool Issues - Click to Read More Important for ALL PUBLIC POOLS!

Order your ADA Pool Lift from Leisure Aquatic Lifts today. You cannot afford to wait for a lawsuit or pool closure due to non-compliance.

Our pool lifts are ADA approved and priced as low as possible. Many states are actively looking for pools without lifts and issuing fines, closing pools and filing lawsuits against operators. However, it is not just about the high costs of pool closures or legal fees. Creating an inclusive environment is also good for business. A handicap accessible pool lift ensures everyone can enjoy the swimming pool. Make sure that all your guests can enjoy the comforts of your swimming pool with an ADA compliant pool lift.

Leisure Aquatic Lifts has the best prices on the most popular lifts. Pool lifts cannot be shared between pools. If you have more than one pool or manage several properties you will need more than one lift. Let us help you get the best price. We have deals for large order purchases on handicap accessible ADA compliant pool lifts.

A trained technician from Leisure Aquatic Lifts can travel to your location to professionally install the handicap pool lift of your choice and show you how to properly operate the lift. Our professionally team has traveled the country providing handicap lift installation and training.

Do Not Delay- Call 507-288-6289 or Request A Quote

Leisure Aquatic Lifts is here to help you become ADA compliant with your public pools and spas. Our staff has years of experience and knowledge regarding the lifts and professional installation. We want to help your pool area be safe, inclusive and friendly to all guests. Making sure your pool is accessible to all will help your profits. American's with disabilities take up a large market share of hotel visitors and are willing to pay for a friendly and handicap accessible hotel.

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Freedom Lift

The ADA compliant Freedom Pool Lift is designed for installation in the decks of in-ground and above-ground pools/spas. The Lift is an ADA/ABA compliant battery powered lift with a safe and easy operating system. The


The Scout pool and spa  lift is an ADA Compliant pool lift designed for in-ground anchoring. This lift is designed to be able to fit into many existing anchor systems.  By limiting anchor installation costs, the

AXS Pool Lift

The aXs lift is the perfect lift for simple pool designs, where its low profile and attractive appearance make swimming pool access easy. The aXs lift meets the Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADAAG